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SUP Surf Foil Guide

Stand up paddle board foiling is easier than prone foiling as you can position your feet correctly over the foil and centre line of the board before you feel movements skyward from the hydrofoils upward lift.

A SUP foil board will also give the paddler the ability to get the board moving quicker than with prone foiling (lying down like a surfer does). The paddlers choice of waves is also made easier by the higher visual advantage a SUP board obtains for successful SUP surf foiling. Consider a board 20-60 litres over your body weight in Kg depending on your experience level.

SUP foil boards are generally small in length and packed with volume meaning you can stand on boards with relative short length without feeling too unstable - Foil specific boards are designed specifically so will have a distinct advantage over using conventional style SUP boards with foil boxes , although for multi purpose use these types of boards are beneficial.