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Prone Surf Foil Guide

Prone surf foiling is one of the hardest forms of hydrofoiling to learn.

The prone foiler catches waves as they break, so paddling into the steeper power zone of the waves energy, the size of the front foil wing is important.  Sizes of the front foil wing  are generally smaller than a SUP foil board riders who can use a paddle to generate speed and therefore catch waves earlier where the wave power is less. 


Generally surf foil boards are short and therefore don't paddle all that well into waves, meaning once the wave has picked you up, the rider doesn't have much time to pop up to standing correctly. 

The smaller you are willing to go on the board the easier the foil is to pump from wave to wave, but remember ... long long rides mean a long paddle back out!

Choose a board shape you are comfortable with, It will paddle albeit with more volume than you might be used to. Ideally you want to be catching soft waves and therefore the surf foil boards volume helps you catch waves a bit like a big swelly board does.

On average 1200-1400cm2 in area would be a good first time prone hydrofoil front wing size.