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Pump Foil Guide

Pump foiling is a technique where the rider uses a pumping motion to generate lift and propel the hydrofoil forward. This is typically done by moving the body up and down, or by shifting the weight from side to side, in order to generate momentum and lift the hydrofoil out of the water. Pump foiling can be a fun and challenging way to ride a hydrofoil, and it can allow riders to cover longer distances or ride in smaller waves than they would be able to with traditional paddling or pedaling methods. Pump foiling can also be a great way to improve balance and coordination, and it can provide a full-body workout.

The bigger the hydrofoils front wing the more support is achieved with your pumping to stay airborne. This means wingspan and front hydrofoil wing volume will enable longer and easier pumping. This should be factored into your initial FOIL purchase or at least check bigger wings are available with your chosen foil brand.

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A dock pontoon or ladder such as the Dockstar will enable the rider to push the board for initial speed and a platform to jump down onto the board to start pumping to stay airborne.