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Your choice of Hydrofoil will depend on..

What board you want to mount it onto? (SUP foil board, Surf foil board, Kite foil board, Wing foil board)

Your weight?

Intended usage?

The foil will give the board more stability from under the water.

SUP Surf Foil Guide

Stand up paddle board foiling is easier than prone foiling as you can position your feet correctly over the foil and centre line of the board before you feel movements skyward from the hydrofoils upward lift. ..Read More

Prone Surf Foil Guide

Prone surf foiling is one of the hardest forms of hydrofoiling to learn.

The prone foiler catches waves as they break, so paddling into the steeper power zone of the waves energy, the size of the front foil wing is important.  ..Read More

Downwind SUP Foil Guide

Will you be able to downwind foil?

This area of the foiling frontier has so many people excited . Flying on ocean swells be it 'groundswell' or short range wind fetch swell is similar to why the snowboarder craves to ride off piste mountain snow. ..Read More

Wing Foil Guide

This new adaptation of Windsurfing / Kitesurfing is gaining rapidly in popularity.

These hand held inflatable wings are easy to carry , and surprisingly easy to use. Whether you fancy getting more use out of your SUP board and wingsurf or fancy taking it to another level and using a HydroFoil wingboard , winging is surely here to stay. ..Read More


Pump Foil Guide

Pump foiling is a technique where the rider uses a pumping motion to generate lift and propel the hydrofoil forward. This is typically done by moving the body up and down, or by shifting the weight from side to side, in order to generate momentum and lift the hydrofoil out of the water. ..Read More